Lady’s Ladies is Patricia Holstein’s design for little girls who want to dress in the same style and high quality as their mothers. Originator of the collection name is Patricia Holstein’s young daughter, whose whimsical term for particularly feminine and pretty garments is “Lady’s Ladies”.
The Lady’s Ladies collection is naturally made from the softest baby alpaca wool and silk. The detailing includes adornments made from bull’s horn, traditionally used in Perú to make jewellery.


Patricia Holstein designs are exclusively knitted from baby alpaca wool and silk. Softness, elasticity and warmth characterize the wool from baby alpaca, and a deeper lustre is added by the silk. The senses are drawn, not only to the exquisite quality of materials, but also to the mixed cultural references to Nordic and Peruvian traditions. The Faroe Islands have been the inspiration for the cut of the shawls, whereas the Inka flowers of the pattern represent an influence from Peru.